"...it was advisable to be waked up; a package of Twinkies in the face can have certain impact." – Rainer Brockerhoff, MacMania

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You can see the 2003 Best Hack ballot, and a list of the 2002 hacks as well (and a summary of the 2002 CD's contents). Look for more links to stories and information below.

Both the 2003 and 2002 CDs contain fun video and photos.

Most of the hacks come complete with source code.

Before you buy the CD, a word from our ringleader:

(It's the same warning every year, but it bears repeating)

Warning: MacHack and The MacHax Group assume no responsibility whatsoever for the contents of the CD-ROM (none!), nor what happens to any machine on which any hacks are installed. Hacks are NOT warranted in any way, and crashes, data loss, and other unpleasant side effects may very well result from their use. Some individual authors may support their hacks, though they are under absolutely no obligation to do so. The hacks are raw code written for the Hack Show and therefore cannot be guaranteed to function for any particular purpose on any particular machine. The purchaser assumes all responsibility for the consquences of installing and/or using the hacks, including any havoc, data loss or civil unrest that may occur.

This year's CD:
Best Hack 2003 CD
US and Canada only
$19.95 + $5 S&H
US and Canada only
Best Hack 2003 CD
outside US and Canada
$19.95 + $15 S&H
outside US and Canada

Both this year's CD and last year's CD:

Best Hack 2002 & 2003 CDs
US and Canada only
$37.95 + $5 S&H
US and Canada only
Best Hack 2002 & 2003 CDs
outside US and Canada
$37.95 + $15 S&H
outside US and Canada

See the 2003 Best Hack ballot and the 2002 Best Hack Ballot.

While you're at it, get the new-and-improved John Ardussi MacHack movies on DVD! You can also get other cool Cafe Press video items.

Adam Engst wrote a good first-person account of the 2002 contest.

Rainer Brockerhoff put together a fun account of the last day of MacHack 2002, including the Best Hack Show and the awards ceremony. Here's a sample (as garbled by Google's Portuguese-to-English translator):

Scott Boyd, the master of ceremonies, made sarcastic commentaries, presented veterans, it commented on this or that tradition of the MacHack, and played (with force) packings of "fast food" and t-shirts in the auditorium. Therefore, it was advisable to be waked up; a package of Twinkies in the face can have certain impact.

The prizes of the competition need an explanation to the part. Since the first MacHack, it is traditional: some members of the commission visit a hardware store next, called "Duke's the Hardware", and buy run aground and dusty obscure, cheap item, of preference, whose name or label alludes to hacks. The first prize is a mousehole called for its manufacturer of "A-Trap"; coincidently, the same name that the Motorola used for the calls of system in old the Macs 68K. The mousehole is always recorded with the name of the winner.

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